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רוני סבג לרשימת הקרנות

בתנו הבכורה רוני סבג נולדה בתאריך 4.20.16, לאחר תהליך הריון תקין לחלוטין. רוני נולד עם מספר מומים (פי הטבעת האטום, ספינה ביפידה, קלואקה - חיבור של 3 מערכות, ריפלוקס בשתן ועוד). מאז לידתה רוני עברה 6 ניתוחים. אחד הניתוחים המורכבים בוצע בסינסינטי, אוהיו, ועלותו הייתה 223 אלף דולר ניכרים. ברוך השם רוני מרגישה טוב...

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Our eldest daughter Roni Sabag was born on 4.20.16, after a completely normal pregnancy process.

Roni was born with a number of malformations (sealed anus, Spina Bifida, cloaca - connecting 3 systems, urinary reflux and more).

Since her birth Roni has undergone 6 surgeries.

One of the complex surgeries was performed in Cincinnati, Ohio and cost a considerable $223K.

Thank God Roni feels better and is defined as a medical miracle, but there are still a number of limitations in her life's functioning.

Roni proactively undergoes an enema every day in order to vacate the bathroom, a subject her parents learned on another flight to the US (Denver, Colorado).

In addition, Roni performs a catheterization to remove the rest of the urine from the bladder.

Roni has other medical challenges that will be examined and reexamined in the future.

In order to improve her quality of life, Roni will fly to the United States one more time (Denver, Colorado) to examine the use of alternative means for the enema. The flight involves considerable expenses that include, among other things, payment for the hospital.

This stage has significant potential for improving Roni's daily life.

Roni is only 7 years old and has gone through a very complex process in life, donate and help us help Roni improve her quality of life.

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