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Haverim has been working together with two academic institutions: The University of Tel-Aviv and the Hebrew University. Dedicated courses are offered to studetns in order to train them to assist handicapped members of the community.

If you would like to work together with Haverim on a project, contact us here.

The Tel-Aviv University 'Circles' Project.

At Haverim’s ‘Circles' project, medical students and students of occupational therapy mentor children and adults with special needs. The course is compulsory today for first year students.

The project has been active for 10 years now, boasting 250 graduates.

During the project, the students become acquainted with various populations. Personal connections are formed and both sides learn from the process. This challenging process brought out unexpected dilemmas, fears and expectations, and created a strong personal connection between the students and the children. 

The Hebrew University 'Links' Project.

The Hebrew University offers a compulsory course for first year students in occupational therapy. The students mentored children and senior citizens in a variety of institutions across Jerusalem.