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Haverim volunteers overcome all obstacles and make dreams come true

Natanel, one of the Haverim children hospitalized in the Sheba Medical Center, prepared for months for his Bar Mitzvah. At the last moment, the family was notified that Natanel must stay in hospital and the Bar Mitzvah celebration ws cancelled. 

Haverim volunteers immediately noticed the child's disappointment and within hours, organized a surprise Bar Mitzvah celebration, with Natanel's family and friends. For the first time, Natanel put on tfillin and read from the Torah.

And if that's not enough, Haverim volunteers caled Natanel's favourite singer; Gad Elbaz and invited him to join the party.

בר מצוה נתנאל

Thank you to all the dedicated and hard-working Haverim volunteers, who initiated this wonderful idea!

בר מצוה