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Tamara, 4 years old: Cancer survivor

Tamara's story is one of a miraculous recovery. Her parents came to see us in 2012, after Tamara was diagnosed with an aggressive tumor.

The story of this beautiful child touched the hearts of hundreds, who called in to Haverim offices and offered to help. Thanks to the Haverim community, Tamara and her parents flew to New York, where she went through surgery and treatment and recuperated.

Today Tamara goes to kindergarden, she is healthy and as beautiful as ever.

Sometimes one small donation makes all the difference.
We thank our donors who enabled this miracle!


Following is an excerpt from Tamara's mother's book, recounting the struggle the family went though from discovery of the disease and till the happy end:

"The day that you refused to get up from the trampoline was the day I realized something was wrong. Instead of the traditional Passover meal; I sent you with daddy to the Emergency Room.

We had 24 hours of denial, when we were certain that the 9 cm tumour in a little girl's tummy must be benign. And then the skies fell down. First came the shock, and then anger: anger at the doctors, at God, at the statistics - at myself. Cancer of the liver, stage 4, with metastasis in the lungs. In a baby of 20 months! My baby.

We sat in the plane, you were in the carrrycot, on the other side sat the accompanying physicial. In the row before us sat daddy, Yahel and grandma Shoshana. My Tamari: this has been the most crazy week in my life. I feel like I'm in a nightmare and don't believe this is hapening to us. Overwhelemed. Enough! And yet this can't be stopped.

We opened a Fund at 'Haverim'. We were interviewed by Channel 2 and Channel 10. Two hours later our stunned family and friends accompanied us to the airport. You screamed the entire way and home was further away than ever before.


We've been in New York for two weeks now. We flew with the knowledge that you're going to surgery. But when we met with the medical team, the world collapsed once more. The doctor looked in our eyes, embarassed, and told us that he had been wrong. That it's not right and even dangerous to operate on you before additional chemotherapy.

Today you're being treated by the best and most experienced doctors, at the Sloan Catering Memorial hospital in Manhattan. An additional test they gave you showed that you aren't carrying the lethal sub-strain they feared. And most importantly: the chemotherapy treatment will be administered at home, with your family.

You're smiling now, and the physical and mental changes are amazing: you've started to walk, to eat and laugh. You' talking!

The Jewish community in New York warmly welcomed us, enveloping us with food, toys and lots of love. Amazing people are cooking for us, driving us, helping us with laundry, coming to play music and cheer us up. The support in Israel and here strengthen us and warm our heart. We're far from home but never feld so close.

Love, health and faith: this is what we're taking back home with us, hoping for better days, days of peace.

July 2012