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Eden Sofia now walks and runs on her own two feet!

One month ago we met Eden't parents, worried and stressed, full of questions - and hope.

We set out together on a journey of optimism, promising them we'd do all in our power to help raise the sums that 8-year old Eden needed. Their daughter had been diagnosed with a rare cancerous growth on a tricky place on her spice. The surgery she needed was complicated, and risked leaving her handicapped. 

Throughout the journey you, Eden's family, friends and supporters, were there with us!

You suported, cheered us up and gathered so many supporters to the cause, that in less than a month we succeeded in raising the $170,000 Eden needed for her operation!

Now it's time for us all to say thank you! Eden has successfully undergone her operation. She left the hospital on her own two feet and will be returning home, to Israel, healthy and safe.


Eden before the operation


Eden after the operation

 Leaving the hospital