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The Team

Esti is responsible for the distribution of expensive medication, and medication that is not offered in the framework of the health basket, to 'Haverim' patients.

"We try and find long-term solutions for the patients, so that the patient will enjoy some piece of mind. We are proud to be able to respond favourably to about 85% of the appeals received, and distribute medication from our existing stock. The medication we lack we seek by initiating partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, requesting them to donate the required drugs. We also seek monetary donations when the need arises.

We are responsible for communicating to the patients where they can acquire the medication they need worldwide and how it can be bought more affordably.

We believe in lending a warm and compassionate ear to the patients, and that by helping them with medication or information, we give these families hope in their fight for life."


To contact Esti: 073-2198805


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