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Most of the activities at 'Friends for Health' takes place thanks to donations that aren't monetary.

These include donation of medicine, professional advice and help, fun days, vacations, 'make a dream come true' parties, and more.

Our activities are a success (in some cases) and life-savers (in others) only thanks to the good will and generosity of people and business owners, who donate their time, skills and professions.

Amongst them we count:

• Lawyers
• Doctors
• Social workers
• Catering companies, restaurants, banquet halls
• Handymen (who accommodate apartments for the handicapped)
• Transportation companies
• Vacation companies
• Car owners who shuttle patients and deliver medication
• Business owners who donate products and services
• Hotels
• Volunteer clowns, magicians and other entertainers
• Make up artists
• Holistic medicine practitioners
• Workshop practitioners
• Doctors and nurses who accompany trips and camps
• Photographers
• … and many many other volunteers

Without this human mosaic of giving, Haverim's various activities and events simply wouldn't be possible. We wouldn't be able to witness that rare smile, a parent's relief, and the brief moments of happiness, that make the expression 'Kol Yisrael Haverim' ('all of Israel are friends') – a reality.

If you would like to take part; donate time, money, products, services… please contact our offices.