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What is it?


We've all heard in the media about elderly patients who need urgent care: operations, transplants, medicine and treatments that aren't included in the health basket.

These people are not only fighting for their lives, they must also deal with the complexities of requesting financial care or donations  that can run into the tens and hundreds of thousands of shekels a month.

Friends for Health (Haverim) helps patients and families by publicizing their need to our community and through our media connections. Donations are made directly to the families' funds, which are bank accounts opened by Haverim, and are tax deductible.

100% of all donations are then transferred to cover the treatment or medicine required.


How to find and donate to a Fund?

Haverim operates 150 Funds year long. The Funds are detailed here. 100% of all donations are transferred directly to the treatment or medicine required.

Donations can be received directly to each fund, or by contacting Haverim.
Please note the name of the Fund destinee, in addition to your name and contact details, in order to receive a tax-deductible receipt. 


How to open a Fund for myself or a family member?

Any person in need or urgent medical care can contact Haverim and request an interview for the opening of a Fund for Life.

Please bring with you all the relevant medical documents, a short letter describing the patient's situation and need and a photo.

During the interview, the patient will sign an agreement, a bank account will be opened in the patient's name and together we will draft a short description of the situation for fundraising purposes.

The patient will leave the interview with copies of the description, as well as receipts and envelopes with the Haverim details. Fundraising will be done by the patient's family and friends, with guidance and help from Haverim.

A fund that is inactive for 3 months will automatically be closed and the sums gathered will be transferred to another fund.


What are the donations used for?

All the donations gathered in the Fund will be given to the patient to cover medical expenses only, or for direct transfer to the pharma companies for the purchase of drugs, or for direct transfer to the medical institution treating the patient.

The following types of expenses will be covered:

  • Medical treatment per a medical diagnosis.
  • Plane tickets for the patient and accompanying family members
  • Expenses associated with issuing of passports and/or visas
  • Room and board abroad for the patient and accompanying family members
  • Additional expenses associated with the medical treatment, per authorization of Haverim's Support Committee.

100% of all donations to a fund reach the treatment or medicine required.