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Michal Richenstein To the list of funds

Michal is battling cancer, spread to her breast, lungs, pelvis, spine and liver. Her doctors recommend treatment with Avastin, a medicine that costs $2,200 per treatment. She needs six treatments, all which must be funded privately.

For the fourth time in her life, 43-year old Michal is once again battling cancer.

Last May, Michal was diagnosed with breast cancer, metastisized to her lungs. Following an unsuccessful biological treatment, the cancer spread to her spine, pelvis and liver.

Her doctors now recommend treatment with Avastin, a medicine that costs 7,000 NIS ($2,200) for a single dose and treatment. Michal needs a minimum of six treatments.

This medicine is not covered by the national health basket nor by her insurance and she must therefore fund it privately.

Michal is currently fully dependent on her husband, who has left his work and studies in order to take care of her full time.

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