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Save the Landsman babies To the list of funds

1 year old Josh and 2 year old Benny Landsman were born with Canavan disease, a devastating disease that effects the brain. They currently are unable to do any of the regular activities children their age can. They are undergoing extensive treatments and are supported by numerous supportive devices. They...

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Benny and Josh are brothers. Two children in one family. Benny is two and Josh is a year old. They were diagnosed with a rare genetic cruel disease, Canavan disease that is causing brain cell deterioration till death at an early age. A disease that to this day has been incurable.

The parents, Gershon and Jennie Landsman, refused to accept the horrible news, and refused to accept the fact that their two children would die at an early age. After much research, they found hope - gene therapy research at its final stage, successful in mice, not yet tried on children.

Benny and Josh will go through an experimental gene therapy protocol inserting a benign virus carrying corrected genes directly into the brain to correct the malfunctioning gene. This surgical procedure is expected to curtail further deterioration, and it might improve functional abilities. The estimated cost to cure their 2 babies is 500,000$.

Determined to raise that amount they turned to the public for help.

The Campaign “Save Benny and Josh” has touched the hearts of thousands of people all over the world. With a tremendous effort, a huge sum of money was raised.
Canavan disease is progressing, the clock is ticking. These precious children cannot sit, stand, walk or talk.

A lot was done, but an additional 150000$ is still needed, and they need it now. The first surgery is scheduled for April. Please open your hearts, we need your help to save Benny and Josh. We appreciate any help.

May we always be on the giving side.


How to donate

  • By credit card / PayPal:

    From within Israel: 03-5777666 From abroad: +972-3-5777666
    Or directly via this website: see red button below.

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    Currently, you can donate in the US by money transfer or check.
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    Checks should be made out to "Chaverim Israel Family Services", and sent to:

    Chaverim Israel Family Services
    1360 Clifton Ave., #370
    Clifton, NJ 07012
    Mr. Erez Naftali
    Office: 1-800-932-1416
    Cell: 347-415-9445


    To receive your receipt, please email us (donation@haverim.org.il) a copy of the transfer or check, together with your name and address.

    We thank you for your support. Every donation counts.May you always be on the side of the giving.

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