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Orly Manos-Sweid To the list of funds

Orly, 25 years old married and mother of a little girl, was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in 2012, while 5 months pregnant. In the operating theater she was diagnosed with a cerebral hemorrhage. Orly needs numerous drugs, treatments and medical devices that must be privately funded.

Dear Donors,

We would like to share with you our deepest pain and ask you to help and consider a donation in our cause to help our beloved daughter Orly with her medical condition, and we thank you in advance for your generosity.
Orly is our 28-year old daughter and a sister to five siblings from MoshavKfar Chaim.

Four years ago, in 2012, while five months pregnant, she felt ill, collapsed and was hospitalized in Ashkelon medical center. A C.T scan revealed a cerebral hemorrhage near the brain stem.

Orly was transferred to the Ichilov Hospital into a 5.5-hour surgery, during which the bone above her right lobe was removed in order to enable access to the hemorrhage.
Orly was hospitalized at the Neurological Intensive Care unit and was given very little chance of survival. At the time, her fetus weighed 750 grams and Orly received medication to help mature its lungs. A delivery kit was brought to her hospital bedside in case of an emergency. Orly was sedated and hooked to a respirator for two months, from her 26th month of pregnancy till her 33th. Her parents were at her side constantly, sensing the imminent birth.

B”H a girl was born, weighting 1570 grams, and was transferred to the neonatal unit for a month and a half. Three weeks following the birth, Orly was transferred to the Beit Levinshtain Rehabilitation hospital, against her doctors’ recommendations. Her doctors’ believed Orly to be in partial consciousness (Orly remembered everything she went through and was able to communicate with us).

Orly underwent eight head operations at the Ichilov Hospital during six months.

At the Beit Levinshtain Rehabilitation hospital, Orly sent 18 months in rehabilitation, in addition to nearly two years rehabilitation efforts at the Rabbi Firer. This tragedy has only motivated us more to continue taking care of Orly.

We built Orly a treatment room in the yard of our house and with the generous support of donors, we acquired expensive devices she needs for her rehabilitation.

Orly’s husband divorced her and took their child to his parents’ house. He has remarried and disrupts the communications between the child and her mother.

Orly is advancing very slowly. She still cannot talk but understands everything. Every step we take is done after consulting her and receiving her consent.

She needs a variety of treatments, including: speech therapy, occupational therapy, movement therapy, intensive physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and rehabilitation devices.

The costs for her medication, treatment and medical devices are very high.
Your contribution will make a big difference it will help rehabilitate Orly's condition so she can return home to take care of her daughter.

We will be highly obliged and sincerely grateful for your support.

How to donate

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    Checks should be made out to "Chaverim Israel Family Services", and sent to:

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    We thank you for your support. Every donation counts.May you always be on the side of the giving.

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