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Odaya Rimon Gutthold

Three-year old Odaya must receive two expensive medicines for her rare form of cancer on her brain stem:

The monthly cost for these drugs is 65,000NIS.

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Dorit Barzilai

53 year old Dorit requires the medicine Enhertu for breast cancer. No other treatment has been effective.
The cost of a three-week treatment is 96,000 NIS.

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Dafna Shamir

Dafna was diagnosed 18 years ago with an auto-immune disease. Recently, her situation deteriorated and her digestive system stopped working. In order to save her life, her physicians recommend that she fly for diagnosis at the Mayo Clinic in the U.S.
The estimated cost is $250,000.

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Liam Nagi

21-months old Liam was diagnosed upon birth with type-1 SMA, a rare and harsh degenerative disease. Liam cannot stand, crawl, walk or even raise his head. The only chance to save Liam's life is Zolgensma, a drug that would replace the defective gene in his body. The cost of the drug is $2.2 million.

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Denis Monastyrliu

Two-year old Denis was diagnosed with SMA - a rare muscular dystrophy disease. Denis is unsable to talk or walk, nor hold up his head. Only Zolgensma, a gene-repairing medicine could save his life.
The medicine costs $2.5 million.

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Keren Miriam Zer Kavod

Keren Miriam, a mother of four, was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2016. Two years later, growths were found in her bones, and her physican recommended a genetically-tailored examination and treatment. The cost of the exam is 9,900 Euros. The total estimated cost of the genetically-tailored treatment is 500,000 NIS.

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Gadit Shemesh Pnizel

Gadit was diagnosed 18 months ago with metastasized breast cancer. She underwent extensive chemotherapy and biological treatments. Recent tests demonstrate new and life-threatening growths. She was recommended a treatment in the U.S. with CAR-T. The estimated cost of this treatment is $250,000.

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Sivan has Leukemia (6 years old)

Six-year old Sivan was diagnosed with leukemia. She is waiting for a bone-marrow transplant, and in the meantime must receive Rydapt, an expensive medicine not included in her health plan.
The monthly cost of the medicine is estimated at 75,000 NIS a month.

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Life-Saving Meds Fund

23-year old Miri was diagnosed with metastasized liposarcoma. She underwent very difficult treatments, and her doctors currently believe that in order to save her life, she must receive two medicines that aren't provided by her HMO. Every cycle of treatment costs 160,000 NIS.

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Funding Urgent, Expensive Meds

16-year old Lihi has been struggling with cancer since she was 13. The cancer struck both her eyes, and her doctors now claim that her the only option to save her eyes is by administering a medicine now provided by her HMO. The cost of the medicine is 40,000 NIS per month.

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Funding Urgent Meds for Children

Ricky, only two years old, was born with severe defects in both her eyes. Her left eye has recently developed white scar tissue, which is causing her to turn blind in that eye. Ricky's parents were advised to urgently fly the child to the U.S. for an operation to save her vision.
The operation's cost is estimated at $18,790..

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Orly Ferber Bermy

Orly Ferber, 38 mother of two needs an urgent, life-saving heart and liver transplant in the US. Such operations are impossible to undergo in Israel due to lack of local experience.
The cost of the operation is $694,000.

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Save the Landsman babies

1 year old Josh and 2 year old Benny Landsman were born with Canavan disease, a devastating disease that effects the brain. They currently are unable to do any of the regular activities children their age can. They are undergoing extensive treatments and are supported by numerous supportive devices. They will be undergoing a first-of-its-kind brain surgery that is expected to respond to the lack of the enzyme in their brain, and give them a chance to live. We must reach the target of $150,000 in order to continue.

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Baby Adele

16-month-old baby Adele was born with a cancerous growth in her head. She requires expensive treatments costing tens of thousands of Shekels in order to save her life.

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Yossi Shemesh

Yosef Shemesh, a 48-year old married father of two, was diagnosed 18 months ago with a rare type of lung cancer. Immunotherapy treatment greatly improved his condition, and his doctors have sent samples from his lung abroad for advanced genetic testing to match specific medicines to his condition.
The testing and matching are very expensive and must be done private. Their cost is 129,000 NIS.

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Amit Mimran

Amit Mimran, 6 years old, was diagnosed two years ago with a rare cancer, retinoblastoma, in her left eye. Amit underwent chemotherapy, a series of operations and injections of chemio into her eye. She must now fly once again for treatment at the Memorial Hospital in the US. The cost of treatments is $100,000.

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Baby Kiril Bot

3.5 year old Kiril was diagnosed two weeks ago with glioma brain cancer, after losing weight and severe vomiting. Kiril is now fed via a zonda feeding tube in parallel to chemotherapy treatments, with the hope that he will gain weight. His doctors are recommending a life-saving treatment. The treatment is private and expensive: $100,000.

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Eliahu Negel

Eliahu Negel, a 61 year old veteran of the Israeli Defense Force, married father of 3, was diagnosed 8 months ago with ALS.

Eliahu arrived at hospital after losing sensations in his fingers. Since his diagnosis, his situation has deteriorated.

His doctors have recommended use of the drug Radicut, a medicine approved by the FA in the United States, but not included in the Israeli health basket. Eliahu must therefore purchase the medicine privately.

The cost of a 3-month treatment is 39,000 NIS.

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Shani Magriso

Shani Magriso, 30 years old, was diagnosed in 2013 with a 14 cm large cancerous growth in her liver. Her left lobe was removed, she underwent a liver transplant as well as removal of infected lymph nodes. Six months later, the cancer returned. Despite all treatments, her condition worsened. She was recommended the drug Opdivo , which is expensive and isn't included in her health basket.
The monthly cost of Opdivo is 24,000 NIS.

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Tsofia D.

Tsofia D., 41, was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer. Lately her situation has deteriorated and she's been recommended treatment with Ibrance (palbociclib).
The monthly cost of the medicine is estimated at 27,500 NIS per month.

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Malka Tsartakov

Malka Tsartakov, 5 years old, was diagnosed 8 months ago with a rare autoimmune disease that has left her with damaged cerebral and cognitive abilities. Malka was recommended neuro and movement therapy. Daily therapy lead to significant improvement after only two weeks. Malka's therapy is private and expensive, and she will be needing 500 treatments during the upcoming two years.

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Ronit Toren

Ronit was diagnosed in 2007 with breast cancer. Her children were recently transferred to her family, as she can no longer care for them due to her health and economic situation. The cancer has now reached her bones. According to her doctors, Ronit must be flown for life-saving treatment at a German medical center that specializes in cases like hers. The cost of treatment is 300,000 NIS.

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Esther Zehavi

Esther Zehavi, a 52-year old mother of a young girl, was diagnosed recently with intestinal cancer, which recently spread to her liver. Her doctors have suggested use of the biological drug 'Keytruda', which may save her life. The cost of the drug is 40,000 NIS per month. The treatment is recommended for six months.

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Vered Birenbaum

Vered Birenbaum, a 5-year old mother of 4 from Modiin, was diagnosed in 2013 with stage 2 breast cancer. Following operations in Israel and abroad, Vered's life was saved.
Following surgery, Vered is now struggling with massive rehabilitation of her oral cavity, due to the extensive damage wrought on her teeth and gums. For this treatment, she needs 100,000 NIS.

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Orly Manos-Sweid

Orly, 25 years old married and mother of a little girl, was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in 2012, while 5 months pregnant. In the operating theater she was diagnosed with a cerebral hemorrhage. Orly needs numerous drugs, treatments and medical devices that must be privately funded.

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Oblem Farda

Farda Oblem is a 56 year old mother of five. Oblem immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia in 1991. She was diagnosed with poly cystic kidney disease and one year ago she suffered from renal failture in one of her kidneys and she began dialysis treatments. Oblems' condition has deteriorated and she urgently must receive a kidney transplant. The cost of the transplant abroad is $180,000.

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Shahaf Kalifa

Shahaf was severely electrocuted during a family vacation in the North. Extensive resuscitation efforts left her with minimal consciousness. Shahaf is about to be released home from hospital. We have designed a treatment plan that will cost 25,000 NIS; 300,000 NIS per year. Social Security will cover only the costs of a caregiver. All the rehabilitation costs are on us.

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Lilach Neeman

Lilach suffers from Deep Invasive Endometriosis and throughout the year she had gone through massive treatments. Lately there has been a regression in her condition and she must go through a second lifesaving surgery as soon as possible. The estimated cost of the surgery is about $150,000 and they won't operate unless the money is deposited in advance.
Every amount donated is meaningful and will bring us closer to the target.

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Nurit Kutigero

Nurit Kutigero, a 53 year old mother of three from Binyamina, was diagnosed in 1994 with breast cancer. The cancer is currently metastasized in her body. Her physicians and specialists recommend treatment with a new and promising biological drug called Ibrance. The drug is not in the current health basket and costs 27,378 NIS per month ($7200).

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Liron Dintzi

Liron Dintzi, 16 years old from Hertzlia, was diagnosed a month ago with grade four lymph node cancer. The cancer since has spread in her body and she underwent 2 series of chemotherapy treatment.Her treating physician has recommended that Liron urgently begin treatment with the drug Crizotinib, which is likely to save her life. The cost of the drug is 35,000NIS per month.

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