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Sderot Social Contribution Award (2008)

The conference committee decided to award the 'Social Contribution Award' of 2008 to Rabbi Yechiel Landman, the founder and chairman of 'Friends for Health" (Haverim), as a token of appreciation for the organization's activities. Rabbi Landman was requested to say a few words at the conference opening:

"If the reasons for receiving the prize will be heard by someone in need of urgent help, and that someone has not yet heard of Haverim; then it will have been worth it", responded Rabbi Landman to the surprising news of the award.

Rabbi Landman was a special and unique human being, who kept in his heart thousands of cases of urgent help to the sick and needy, help awarded with warmth and dedication.

Thanks to his fatherly demeanor and his true interest in his fellow man, Yechiel succeded in calming and helping the hundreds of family members who were suddenly confronted with a catastrophe that catapulted them into a foreign world of medicine, operations and rehabilitation.

Rabbi Landman was unique in his ability to instill hope, faith and even love of life in the people whose lives he touched.

May his memory be blessed.