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Faculty of Meds Award, Hebrew U.(2014)

On July 2014, Friends for Health was awarded the prize during the graduation ceremony for Bachelor and Master students. The award was handed to Baruch Liberman, executive director of Hamerim by Miri Tal-Saban, coordinator of the Kesher Project.

Ms. Tal-Saban said, in memory of Rabbi Landman, z"l: "Haverim's activities are all geared at social improvement of our community. They have helped create and deploy the Kesher Project at the School for Occupational Therapy, a unique course where first year students mentor special need people in their community for the duration of the school year. The students learn to forge a special link to another person, and I am confident that each and every one of the students sitting here today remember their mentoree and the process they went through together.

Haverim continue to contribute to the success of the project, sharing with us their extensive experience and even contributing financially to its success.

The founder and chairman of Haverim, Rabbi Landman, may his memory be blessed, passed away suddenly a few months ago. During our first meeting, I met an energetic man who listened with great interest to what the Kesher Project participants told him about the project. Rabbi Landman, with infinite sensitivity, succeeded in grasping the larger picture, the needs of the school and the students on one wide, and the handicapped community on the other. He was also happy to share advice and encouragement to help us launch the program. Rabbi Landman believed in the project from its conception and we are immensely grateful to him, and sad regarding his untimely departure.

I am happy and proud to give the Faculty of Medicine Award to Haverim in memory of Rabbi Landman and his immense contribution to the project that involved both the community and the School of Occupational Therapy.