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Remembering Rabbi Landman, Founder

A son of a Holocaust survivor.
A business man.
A religious jew.
A father and grandfather. 
And the chairman of a national aid project.
Rabbi Yechiel Landman was all these and more.

As opposed to other organizations, where the Chairman occasionally pops in for a visit, there wasn't a volunteer, visitor or employee at Friends for Health ('Haverim') who didn't know Rabbi Yechiel Landman .

Always the first arrive at the office in the morning and last to leave in the evening, Rabbi Yechiel founded the organization in 2003, together with Baruch Lieberman who is currently the executive director. Haverim today includes thousands of volunteers nation-wide and a dozen employees, all working to provide solutionsfor patients who cannot find answerswithin the national health care system, be it medication that is not provided, special treatments and more.

In 2005, Rabbi Yechiel initiated the 'Unused Medicine' service, after noticing that many of the appeals to the organization were from patients unable to afford even the nominal fees required for their daily medication. The initiative grew to a full-fledged Free Pharmacy, and a nation-wide collection system that gathers unused and new medication.

In 2017, over 4,400 packages of medicine were sent out from the Free Pharmacy every month. Medicine estimated at over 70 million shekels was distributed via the project; from over-the-counter painkillers, to extremely expensive and rare drugs.

Rabbi Yechiel Landman passed away in October 2013, leaving a widow, 2 sons and 5 grandchildren. 

He will be remembered and missed by us all.