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What we do


Created in 2003, Friends for Health is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people in pain, who cannot afford the life-saving medication or medical care they need.

Our goal is to provide a warm, personal and professional service to any human being who requests our help.

We help over 4,400 people a monthwith a broad range of services, all completely free:

  • A free pharmacy, supplies over 4,400 packages of free medicine every month, for people that without our help are forced to choose between food – and medicine. These  life-saving medicines are sometimes the difference between life and death for many.
  • Mobile Pharmacy vans, and a network of Bikes For Meds motorcycles for door-to-door delivery of urgent medication to bed-ridden patients.
  • 'Save A Llife' funds that help gather funds for medical cases that the system has failed. From 3-month old babies to recipients of organ transplants and cancer patients: we give hope and life to hundreds of people and their families.
  • Our Children's Center, organizating special events for children and young adults with special needs, affecting the lives of hundreds of special needs children and young adults – and provides respite for their families.

We are a team of 20 and over 1,200 volunteers, including pharmacists, lawyers, doctors and nurses.

Friends for Health was awarded the Award of Appreciation from the Faculty of Medicine in Jerusalem (2014), the President’s Award in 2013, the Health Ministry Award in 2011, and a medal for Distinguished Service from the National Council for Volunteering in 2008.