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Itzik Lebel, Children's Center

Itzik Lebel organizes dozens of activities for handicapped children within Haverim's Children's Center. With the hands-on assistance of hundreds of volunteers, civil service volunteers and donors, and from  his tiny office, Itzik manages the hundreds of details that make this impressive activity one of pure chesed.

The Haverim Children's Center has grown in recent years and today offers no less than 1,200 children, adolescents and young adults - all handicapped or with disabiilties - a wide variety of activities throughout the year. If his activity had to be cooked down to 2 words, they would be 'true joy'.

Volunteering at the Children's Center is not easy, and the civil service volunteers must confront many challenges but we are confident that the compensation is significant, and that what they receive, and the changes they go through following this service, are worth the difficulties. Indeed, most of our volunteers stay with us for years, even after their service period is over.

The Children's Center is a family for them all: for the children and their families, volunteers and staff. Take a look at our Facebook page to witness the dozens of weekends, trips in Israel and abroad, assistance to hospitalized children and to families of the disabled, the parties, holiday events and heaps of love! We do all we can to ensure that every child experiences the fun we offer!

Itzik can be contacted at: iezek@haverim.org.il