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Baruch Liberman, Executive Director

Lives of people are at stake. Our strength stems from the people that give their hearts and souls to our endeavor. Time is short and there are so many lives to save.

I am proud that those requesting our assistance are awarded the most comprehensive – and warm – service. I believe that our job is to give our ‘Clients’ the feeling that our desire to give – supersedes their desire to receive.

The organization’s essence

Haverim is a non-profit, volunteer organization. Our goal is to solve a challenging problem: managing the 'Save A Life' funds for patients in need of life-saving procedures; managing the 'Children's Center' activities; and our flagship project: the Free Phamacy, where we help patients acquire the life-saving and pain-relieving medication they need but simply can’t afford.

Our organization is often the last resort for medication and treatments.

How do we do it?

When we created Haverim we had no idea how deep and far-reaching the problem was. We were even more surprised to discover that the solution lies in thousands of drawers: unused medicine worth 150 million NIS which is thrown away every year. If we can put our hands on this medication – and forward them to needy patients, we will have saved thousands of people. Currently we have succeeded in gathering medication worth 60 million NIS  during the last five years.

How do we route this medication?

The process is complex and involves both professionals and volunteers in nearly 300 collection points nation-wide. The unused medicine collected is sorted, verified by a registered pharmacist, entered into a computerized database and is then sent to the patient who has proven need for it.

We also enjoy the active cooperation of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Israel and abroad.

The scope of the activity

Every month over 3,000 packages of medicine are sent out, for free. In 2014 the number of patients requesting our help increased by 50%, due to the financial crisis that has lead more and more families to being unable to foot their medical bills.

Where do we get the personnel?

Volunteers! We have at our disposal hundreds of volunteer pharmacists, nurses, civil service volunteers and more; volunteers from all over the country, young and old.

If we’re discussing volunteers, I find it essential to mention our Children’s Center, which permanently helps over 600 handicapped children. The volunteers in the Children’s Center are mostly youth and they accompany the children in a variety of fun activities.

In addition, we’re proud to run projects with the academia, such as the ‘Circles’ project with the University of Tel-Aviv and the ‘Kesher’ project with the Hebrew University. Within these projects, students gain academic credit in return to volunteering within the community. When I see these volunteering, responsible students, who so obviously care, it’s clear to me that we are nurturing a quality generation, a generation that will make a better future for us all.


A message to the team

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful team that respond with endless grace and patience, listen to the troubles, hear and empathize, provide support and take everythingto heart!

Our power lies within our people, the giving of your heart and soul way beyond that demanded of regular employees, at any time and place. Time is short and the work is cut out for us. And it involves the saving of human lives…

The team gains much satisfaction from what we do, if it’s the provding of a rare medication to a patient who’s all but given up on it; or helping a patient who’s managed to gather the funds needed to save her life: every act we do affects and shapes entire lives.

I cannot forget the professional people that selflessly give of their time and expertise, quietly and behind the scenes: Rabbis, media, lawyers, corporations and pharmaceutical companies, social workers and all of you who’ve requested to remain anonymous.

With the help of G-D we will continue to grow and do more and more.