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Eden Sofia Cohen

7-year old Eden Sofia was diagnosed last July with an extremely rare type of cancer in her spinal cord. Eden's only chance is surgery at the hands of Dr. Gallo from Florida, who has successfully operated on hundreds such cases.
The estimated cost of this life-saving surgery is $170,000.

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Yasmin Talmon-Gebel

Yasmin Talmon-Gebel, 57 year old mother of 5 was diagnosed last summer, with metastasized intestinal cancer. In preparation for imminent surgery, Yasmin left for a 2-week treatment at the clinic of Dr. Isaac Eliaz in California. The treatments will prepare her immune system and strengthen her body for the operation. The cost of the treatment and expenses is $50,000.

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Orly Ferber Bermy

Orly Ferber, 38 mother of two needs an urgent, life-saving heart and liver transplant in the US. Such operations are impossible to undergo in Israel due to lack of local experience.
The cost of the operation is $694,000.

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Eldan Lazmi

Eldan Lazmi, 24 year old IDF veteran, began suffering from exposure to sunlight his army service: skin pain and a burning sensation. After two years he began to notice deformations in his face structure:
After a recent visit at a senior surgeon Eldan was told that the damage to his face is severe, but that the reconstructive surgery required isn't possible in Israel. He was recommended Dr. Michael Yaremchuk from a hospital in Boston, Mass. Eldan cannot afford the cost of the flight, 2-week stay following the operation, and the operation itself, needed to reconstruct the face he had before his service. The cost of the treatment and expenses is 100,000 NIS.

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Baby Timmy

Timmy is only one year old and has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma-type cancer.
Timmy receives private and expensive treatments as well as radiation. He now must undergo surgery, and his family must raise $56,000 for treatments.

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The Child Alexander

7-year old Alexander was diagnosed with severe epilepsy. During an epileptic seizure, Sasha loses consciousness, falls down and often hurts himself. A hospital in Barcelona agreed to go through with an operation that would stop the dangerous seizures. After the operation, Alexander would be able to develop like a child of his age.
The cost of surgery is 300,000 NIS. The operation will finally give Alexander a chance of living a normal life.

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Noa, 8 Years Old, and Friends

Last month we received 4 extremely difficult cases of children with leukemia. They all need an expensive medicine that can save their lives: Venclexta. Uri - 14 years old, Noa - 8 years old, Tom - 12 years old and Ural - 17 years old. The cost of treatment for each is 30,000 NIS per month.
Please help us fund these medicines, in order to give life and hope to the children.

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Save the Landsman babies

The Landsman children: 4-month old Josh and 17-month old Benny were diagnosed with Canavan Disease, an unspeakably cruel, devastating disease. Our goal is to raise $1.5 million to fund Rowan University's research for a cure for Canavan Disease.

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Yossi Shemesh

Yosef Shemesh, a 48-year old married father of two, was diagnosed 18 months ago with a rare type of lung cancer. Immunotherapy treatment greatly improved his condition, and his doctors have sent samples from his lung abroad for advanced genetic testing to match specific medicines to his condition.
The testing and matching are very expensive and must be done private. Their cost is 129,000 NIS.

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Amit Mimran

Amit Mimran, 6 years old, was diagnosed two years ago with a rare cancer, retinoblastoma, in her left eye. Amit underwent chemotherapy, a series of operations and injections of chemio into her eye. She must now fly once again for treatment at the Memorial Hospital in the US. The cost of treatments is $100,000.

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Bella Kopel

Bella Kopel, 61 years old, was diagnosed with metastasized cancer a few years ago. Recent tests revealed deterioration in the growths.
Her doctors recommended she begin life-saving treatment with Ibrance, an expensive medication that is not included in the health basket. The cost of the treatment is 27,377 NIS per month.

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Ludmilla Starostenko

Ludmilla Starostenko, 39 years old, was diagnosed with advanced and metastasized cervical cancer. Her treatment is not covered by any type of medical establishment. She must undergo a series of radiation and chemotherapy in order to save her life.
Cost of the treatments is $90,000.

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David Sandori

David Sandori was diagnosed a year ago with prostate cancer, which has metastasized to his liver, bladder, helium and lymph nodes.
Hormonal and chemotherapy treatments have proven unsuccessful and the disease spread. He has now been recommended a novel, radioisotopic treatment of Lutetium-177. The cost of each treatment is 23,199 NIS. David suffers from acute pain and has difficulty standing.

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Mohammed Pereh

8-year old Mohammed suffers from severe primary immune deficiency syndrome - and his four limbs were amputated following an invasive virulent infection. Residing at Sheba Hospital from the age of 6 months, only his grandfather is at his side. Today he needs daily care, treatments and long-term rehabilitation. His grandfather needs your support to cover his ongoing medical and daily needs, which are expected to last for years.

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Baby Kiril Bot

3.5 year old Kiril was diagnosed two weeks ago with glioma brain cancer, after losing weight and severe vomiting. Kiril is now fed via a zonda feeding tube in parallel to chemotherapy treatments, with the hope that he will gain weight. His doctors are recommending a life-saving treatment. The treatment is private and expensive: $100,000.

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Shlomo Emanuel

Shlomo Emanuel was diagnosed with lung cancer with metastasis to his back and leg. His situation deteriorated, and he has now been recommended Keytruda, a private and expensive drug not included in his health basket. The medicine may save his life. The monthly cost of the medication is 42,453 NIS.

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Dalia Senkar

Dalia Senkar, 53 year old from Yeruham, was diagnosed during 2014 with liver and intestinal cancer. She underwent chemotherapy and biological treatments.

Currently her situation has deteriorated and metastases were discovered in her lungs. Her doctor has recommended she begin using Stivarga, a medicine she must purchase privately.

The monthly cost of the treatment is 13,000 NIS.

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Child Alex

6-year old Alex was diagnosed in 2016 neuroblastoma-type cancer.
Alex underwent surgery to remove the cancer, followed by a series of chemotherapy, radiation and bone marrow transplant.
He is currently undergoing expensive, life-saving treatments that help save his life, costing hundreds of thousands of Shekels.

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Eliahu Negel

Eliahu Negel, a 61 year old veteran of the Israeli Defense Force, married father of 3, was diagnosed 8 months ago with ALS.

Eliahu arrived at hospital after losing sensations in his fingers. Since his diagnosis, his situation has deteriorated.

His doctors have recommended use of the drug Radicut, a medicine approved by the FA in the United States, but not included in the Israeli health basket. Eliahu must therefore purchase the medicine privately.

The cost of a 3-month treatment is 39,000 NIS.

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Mark Persky

Mark Persky, a 45-year old father of 2 from Haifa, experienced in 2003 pain and paralysis of his right hand. After a series of tests, an MRI test revealed Multiple Sclerosis.

Mark received various medicines and treatments but his condition has deteriorated. Today he's confined to a wheelchair. His left leg is paralyzed and he has no control over his hands.

In order to delay the deterioration, it was suggested that Mark undergo Bone marrow transplant. Mark's HMO does not cover the costs of this operation, which costs in Israel $120,000.

Mark's mother, who is his primary and dedicated caregiver, has been recommended by his doctors a health center in Bulgaria, where the treatments costs $70,000.

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Ron Yaakovi

Ron Yaakovi, 30 years old was diagnosed a year ago with a rare and violent liver cancer. He received chemotherapy, which proved inefficient and his Ron's physician now recommends two new treatments: immunological and biological. The cost of both is 54,000 NIS every 3 weeks.

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Helena Ilana Touboul

Ilana Touboul, 77 years old, was diagnosed 30 years ago with breast cancer. Following surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, the diseased recessed.
Four months ago, the cancer was discovered to have returned, this time to her bones. Her doctors have recommended she begin treatment with the drug Ibrance, an expensive medicine that isn't included in her health basket.
The monthly cost of the medicine is 27,378 NIS.

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Raphael Haim Keisler

Raphael Haim is a 10 year old boy diagnosed with C.P. He uses a wheel chair and is blind. Raphael today needs a specially adapted wheel chair, costing 25,000 NIS. He also needs a special computer, which provides his only communication to the world and others, costing 10,000 NIS.

Besides these one-time costs, his parents invest significant funds in Raphael's rehabilitation and care.

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Dorit Rishoni

Dorit Rishoni, 53 year old mother of 2 from Raanana, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following an operation to remove the cancer, chemotherapy and radiation, she went into remission. But in 2013 the cancer returned to her back, liver and chest nodes. Chemotherapy is no longer effective on the cancer. The only treatment that helps her isn't in the health basket and costs 12,000 NIS a month.

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Bat-Chen Dankner

Bat Chen, a 35 mother of 3 little children, was diagnosed a year ago with lung cancer, metastasized to her liver, bones, spine and brain. Lately her condition has deteriorated. Her doctors recommend she receive Tagrisso, an expensive medicine that isn't in her health basket. The cost of the treatment is 30,102 NIS.

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Yulia Zgoraskaya

Yulia, 44 years old, was widowed 18 months ago, when her husband received a sudden heart attack. She is raising their son on their own. Last November Yulia was found to have cancer of the uterus. She must undergo surgery to remove her uterus and additional internal organs. The operation must be privately funded.
The cost of the operaiton is estimated at $10,000-$15,000.

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Shani Magriso

Shani Magriso, 30 years old, was diagnosed in 2013 with a 14 cm large cancerous growth in her liver. Her left lobe was removed, she underwent a liver transplant as well as removal of infected lymph nodes. Six months later, the cancer returned. Despite all treatments, her condition worsened. She was recommended the drug Opdivo , which is expensive and isn't included in her health basket.
The monthly cost of Opdivo is 24,000 NIS.

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Tsofia D.

Tsofia D., 41, was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer. Lately her situation has deteriorated and she's been recommended treatment with Ibrance (palbociclib).
The monthly cost of the medicine is estimated at 27,500 NIS per month.

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Baby David

David, 2 years old was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS).
His doctors now recommend he undergo an expensive and complex surgery to remove the infected muscle. The cost of this private operation is $45,000.

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Liad Oshri

Liad, nearly 5, was born on week 29, weighing 700 grams. He was diagnosed with C.P. The child has difficulty walking. He often falls and injures himself, often severely. Liat urgently needs an operation in St. Louis.
The cost of the operation and treatment is 320,000 NIS.

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Yaffa Ben Menashe

Yaffa Ben Menashe, 76 year old mother of four, was diagnosed a month ago with virulent leukemia. She is being currently treated with DACOGEN® (Decitabine), an expensive medicine that isn't included in her health basket.
The treatment costs 27,408 NIS per month.

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Shachar Mor Hadida

Shachar Mor, 17 years old, has been diagnosed with Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF). She is a 12th grader, but due to the terrible pains of her illness, she cannot go to school. Shachar's doctors have recommended a medicine, Ilaris, which is not in her health basket. the cost of the medicine is 65,850 NIS. Shachar needs each such dose every two months.

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Etty Nahmani

Etty Nahmany, a married mother of 3 little girls, was diagnosed two years ago with colon cancer. She underwent an operation to remove the cancer, and chemotherapy but recently the cancer returned. Etty's doctors now recommend she try an expensive medicine that isn't included in her health basket. The cost of this life-saving drug, Stivarga (Regorafenib) is 13,242 NIS per month.

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Svetlana Michilonik

Svetlana Michilonik, 71 year old mother of 2 and grandmother of 7, was diagnosed with a cancerous growth on her tongue. She underwent an operation to remove the growth along with a large part of her tongue and inner mouth.
Svetlana's treating physician has recommended a life-saving treatment. The cost of the immunology medication is estimated at 40,000 NIS every three weeks.

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Malka Tsartakov

Malka Tsartakov, 5 years old, was diagnosed 8 months ago with a rare autoimmune disease that has left her with damaged cerebral and cognitive abilities. Malka was recommended neuro and movement therapy. Daily therapy lead to significant improvement after only two weeks. Malka's therapy is private and expensive, and she will be needing 500 treatments during the upcoming two years.

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Anna Ponomarev

Anna Ponomarev, 21 years old, was diagnosed at the age of 21 months with sarcoma cancer. At the age of 15, the sarcoma returned and her right leg was amputated above her knee. Six months ago the sarcoma returned, this time to her jawbone. The drug Keytruda, not currently in her medical basket, was found to be very effective in treating her recurrent sarcomas condition, with an 80% estimated success rate.Treatment with Keytruda amounts to 16,800 NIS a month, which Anna has no way to fund.

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Ronit Toren

Ronit was diagnosed in 2007 with breast cancer. Her children were recently transferred to her family, as she can no longer care for them due to her health and economic situation. The cancer has now reached her bones. According to her doctors, Ronit must be flown for life-saving treatment at a German medical center that specializes in cases like hers. The cost of treatment is 300,000 NIS.

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Esther Zehavi

Esther Zehavi, a 52-year old mother of a young girl, was diagnosed recently with intestinal cancer, which recently spread to her liver. Her doctors have suggested use of the biological drug 'Keytruda', which may save her life. The cost of the drug is 40,000 NIS per month. The treatment is recommended for six months.

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